I see the darkness in your eyes, the sullen tears welling up inside

The fury of the beast you try to hide will be unleashed tonight

I fear the hope in you has died, too late my dear, to reconcile

Your rage like the glowing moon will rise, reveal your lycanthropic guise


Bathed in blood you pounce upon your prey

With snarling fangs and jagged claws

I see perfection in swift decay

Waged in war you falter in reverie

With longing eyes and primal sighs

I wish for you to stay with me

Rid your mind of the impending prophecy

You are not what you wish, but what you are

Beyond the beast there beats a frail heart

Deep within you will always feel the truth

Behind those autumnal eyes where sorrow blooms

You bare your fangs at me tonight,

Will you take my life? Or will you decline?

Will you take a chance and see it through?

Or will you take the path of Loup Garou?

I feel the spirit rise as with the moon

Will you see sense? Or red in Hatred's hues?

I'll ease your metamorphosis bearer of the light, your nemesis

Resist the passion in our veins the silver lining still remains

The night is young the hate is strong in you, the fallacy that longs

To be released from deep inside reveal your lycanthropic guise